Stainless Steel Balls

  Chrome Carbon Nickel Manganese Silicon Phosphorous Suphur Molybdenum
304 18-20 .08max 8-10.5 2max 1max .045max .03max ....
316 16-18 .08max 10-14 2max 1max .045max .03max 2-3
316L 16-18 .03max 10-14 2max 1max .045max .03max 2-3
420 12-14 .15min --- 1max 1max .450max .03max ...
440-C 16-18 .95-1.2 --- 1max 1max .40max .03max .75max

General Applications
AISI 420
Magnetic, Harden-able, fair corrosion resitance used for special bearings and valves where Balls requiring a combin -ation of hardness and corrosion resistance
Magnetic, higest hardness, good corrosion resistance used in bearing nozzles and valves where lubrication is poor or absent
AISI 304
austentitic, corrosion resistance, slightly magnetic, however annealing canmakes it non - magnetic Used in valves and relevant application , food products, aerosols, home sprays, perfumes and medicial equipments.
AISI 316
non - magnetic, good corrosion resistance even when exposed to marine atmosphere and sulfuric acid.

used in presence of sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acides.
Mainly used in chemical, paper and textile industries.

AISI 316
Characteristics same as 316 but with excellent corrosion resistance, Lower carbon content than regular 316 expecially used in Jewelry, and Human Implant Applications